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Goats can help eat brush, poison ivy/oak, and clear out overgrown fence lines. They love to eat anything that is 1-5 feet above the ground. They are a green solution to clearing out your yard and add some fun. 

The goats are trained to come to humans and love getting some attention. They are quiet most of the time, since they are working hard, munching on your overgrowth. Fill out this form to let us know a little more about your property and your needs. We can see if we are a good fit and give you a quote on how many days it will take. 

Goat rentals are $100/day and $600/week. We will bring 4-6 goats to your yard, depending on your needs. We prefer yards with complete fencing, with little to no predators, and away from busy roads, but we are happy to asses your needs and see if we can help even if yards aren't fully fenced. We have electric fencing available if we need to confine the goats to a certain area too. 

Goatscaping: Product
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